1. Explain in detail about embedded system building process. May/June 2013(R2008)
  2. Explain in detail about structural units in embedded system. Apr/May 2014(R2008)
  3. What are the factors are considered in processor selection & memory device. May/June 2012(R2008)
  4. Define following
  • Timer counter
  • Watch dog timer
  • Real time clock
  • In circuit emulator May/June 2013(R2008)

Unit II

  1. (i) Why device driver needed in system design?

(ii) Explain in detail about CAN bus.                                                               May/June 2012(R2008)

  1. (i) Explain in detail about SPI.

(ii) Explain in detail about I2C.                                                                                    May/June 2015(R2008)

  1. Explain in detail about Rs 232 Standards and also Rs22 & Rs 485. Nov/Dec 2011(R2008)
  2. What are Different buses in embedded system? Explain them. May/June 2013(R2008)

Unit III

  1. What are the different phases of EDLC and explain them. Nov/Dec 2015(R2008)
  2. Explain in detail about modeling of EDLC. Nov/Dec 2015(R2008)
  3. (i)Issues in hardware-software Co-design.

(ii) Explain in detail about data flow graph?                                                    Nov/Dec 2014(R2008)

  1. Explain in detail about state machine model. Nov/Dec 2014(R2008)
  2. How the embedded system designed by using sequential program model? May/June2012(R2008)

Unit IV

  1. (i)Explain in detail about internet routines in RTOS.

(ii) Explain Multi processing &Multi Tasking.                                                 May/June 2013(R2008)

  1. (i) Compare preemptive & Non preemptive scheduling

(ii) Define massage passing. Explain different massage passing technique in embedded system.                                                     (R2008) Nov/Dec 2014

  1. (i)Explain in detail inter process communication.

(ii) Comparisons of VXWORK, MC/DOS, µc OS II, RT Linux.                                  Nov/Dec 2015(R2008)

  1. Define Following
  2. Mallbox
  3. Pipes
  4. Pirority Inversion
  5. Pirority Inheritance Nov/Dec 2011(R2008)


  1. Explain in detail about designing washing machine. Apr/May 2010(R2008)
  2. Explain the various steps involved in Automatic Application. Nov/Dec 2009(R2008)
  3. Explain in detail about one of the smart card system application. No/Dec 2014(R2008)
  4. Explain in detail about various types involved in designs embedded system. May/Jun 2013 (R2008)