EC 6601 VLSI Design Part B

                                       UNIT I

  1. Explain different fabrication process of Cmos transistor.April/May 2015(R2008)
  2. Explain the DC transistor characteristics of Cmos inverter.             April/May 2015(R2008)
  3. Device an expression for the rise timer tall timer & propagation delay of a Cmos inverter.  May/June 2013(R2008)
  4. Explain in detail about small signal AC characteristics of mos transistor.  May/June 2013(R2008)


  1. (i) Explain the concept of static & dynamic Cmos design.

(ii) Explain the construction & operation of transmission gates. AM2013

  1. Explain in detail about static and dynamic power dissipation. AM2015(R2008)
  2. (i) Implement a XOR gate using Cmos logic.

(ii) Compare Cmos, Dynamic, Domino & Pseudo nmos logic families.                       April/May 2015(R2008)

  1. Explain in detail about low power design principles.             May/June 2014(R2008)


  1. Explain in detail about static & Dynamic Litches.             May/June 2014(R2008)
  2. What are the different memory architecture and explain them.             May/June 2014(R2008)
  3. Explain any one of the low power memory circuits.             Nov/Dec 2013(R2008)
  4. Explain issues related to timing and pipelines for VLSI design. May/June 2013(R2008)


  1. Explain in detail about ripple carry adder?             May/June 2014(R2008)
  2. Draw the architecture of carry look ahead adders & Explain.             April/May 2015(R2008)
  3. What are the types of high speed multiplier? Explain any two.             Nov/Dec 2014(R2008)
  4. Explain in detail about barrel shifters.             Nov/Dec 2014(R2008)


  1. Explain in detail about different types of Asic’s. Nov/Dec 2009(R2008)
  2. Explain in detail about building block architectures of FPGA? May/June 2013(R2008)
  3. Explain in detail about various routing procedures involved in FPGA interconnect?                                                                                                 May/June2014
  4. Explain Asic’s standard cell design & cell Libraries. May/June 2014(R2008)