Comments or Suggestions on the UGC Draft Regulations 2013

As per the honorable supreme court judgement dated April 25,2013 UGC has created new regulations for the Indian universities. The Draft Regulations were uploaded in the UGC website on 03.12.2013.

The All India Technical Colleges Faculty Welfare Forum (AITCFWF) seek to make the under mentioned representation bringing to notice the disparity and unequal treatment meted out to the faculty on the premise of their qualification.. viz., M. Sc or MCA and the statutory position of the Regulations framed by the AICTE applicable from time to time are summarized hereunder:

Statutory Regulations prior to 2003: 

You are aware that in order to be eligible for appointment as teaching faculty for imparting education CSE and IT disciplines in engineering colleges,  as per the statutory regulations prior to 2003, the faculty are required to possess the following academic qualifications  :

i)                   M.Sc. graduate with M. Tech first class

ii)                  MCA graduate with M. Tech first class

The basic degrees of MCA or M.Sc were post-graduate qualifications with particular emphasis on computer applications and Information Technology and therefore, such of those persons who have secured first class degree in M.E. / M. Tech with MCA / M.Sc as their base qualifications, were eligible to be appointed as faculty.  The justification for the same arose from the fact that the subjects taught for study in M.Sc or MCA were substantially the same, in regard to its content as well as the emphasis on all facets involving education in computer applications.

Most of the faculties were appointed on the basis of the above qualifications and the said appointments were also ratified on the basis of the norms of eligibility prescribed by the AICTE.

POST 2003 scenario

After the amendment to the statutory regulations, a change was brought about to the eligibility norm. Only such of those persons who have secured first class in M.E / M. Tech with MCA / M.Sc as the base qualification were rendered eligible.  The classification of the faculty of engineering colleges for the disciplines of IT and CSE, on the basis of whether a person possesses M.Sc. or MCA as the base qualification, is completely irrational and unscientific, in as much as the suitability of the faculty to impart education in IT or CSE, does not vary on the basis of whether they passed M.Sc or MCA.  By reason of the above disability fastened on the MCA-M.Tech post-graduates, the availability of faculty required to be in the teaching sector, had dwindled thus affecting the quality of education. Further, it had also the effect of disabling all such MCA-M.Tech faculty, who were appointed prior to 2003, from being continued as such faculty and also thwarting their chances to secure better employment.


2010 Statutory Regulation scenario

By reason of the amendments brought in the year 2010, the eligibility norm is further enhanced as under with the faculty required to be:

i)  an M.Tech/M.E with B.E or B.Tech as their base qualification

By reason of this amendment, the hitherto appointed faculty, who had M.Sc. with M.Tech are also rendered ineligible. Thus from amongst the faculty who were eligible prior to 2003, both the categories, i.e., M.Sc. with M.Tech and MCA with M.Tech are rendered ineligible for being considered for appointment as faculty in the engineering colleges approved by AICTE.

Challenges being faced:

The statutory amendment to the Regulations is clearly prospective and cannot be made applicable to those entire faculties who possessed either M.Sc. with M.Tech or MCA with M.Tech and are continuing as such in various engineering colleges. All the appointments were also been ratified by the competent authority in the State.Further, the statutory regulations amended in 2010, place an embargo, for all times to come, upon the appointment of M.Sc with M.Tech or MCA with M.Tech post-graduates as faculty in IT and CSE programmes in engineering colleges, thus rendering the said persons unemployable.

Redressal sought:

AITCFWF requested UGC to make necessary changes  in Appendix 8 i.e., Faculty Cadre and Qualifications for Engineering and Technology so as to enable a candidate possessing 1st class M.E. / M. Tech with MCA / M.Sc to be eligible for Assistant Professor / Associate Professor / Professor